Caliva - Fun Uncle - Hash Strains - 1g

Caliva - Fun Uncle - Hash Strains - 1g

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Hash Strains

Sour Power Hour - Sativa - 53.71% THC

You’re gonna be feeling the funk after crumbling this Sour Power Hour (Sour Diesel x Lemon Kush) hash atop your bowl or doobie. The sweet citrus aroma and clear, non-drowsy high of this strain makes this powerful paste-like hash a great addition to an active day. So, get the turntable spinning and turn up the Marvin Gaye jams. We expect to see a dance-off tonight.

Don Zkittlez - Hybrid - 55.95% THC

Break out some Don Zkittlez (Zkitlez x Zkitlez x Zkitlez) hash for a totally righteous, old-school king of cool experience. The full spectrum flavor of this paste-like, yet crumbly hash is like setting off fireworks for your senses. Expect a butt-kickin’ potency, and a chill, yet high-energy buzz. Can you dig it? We can.

Padrino Purps - Indica - 56.21% THC

This strain specific hash, made with fruity Padrino Purps (Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG) is one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis. It’s old-school roots will also give you some cred with your fellow barbequers. Crumble some of the good stuff onto your bowl of bud or doobie to share with friends. It’s about to be an epic backyard summer party, Champ.

Banana Split Bruiser - Hybrid - 72.68% THC

This strain-specific hash, made with tropical banana and strawberry-scented Banana Split Bruiser (Banana OG x Indiana Bubble Gum) is one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis. Crumble some of the good stuff atop a bowl for an old-school king of cool experience akin to rolling up to the drive-in with your hot date. Better yet, this strain is practically part flower, part dessert.