Puffy Delivery is an online cannabis collective for medical and recreational cannabis users that offers cannabis delivery directly to your front door.
Yes, being a member of Puffy Delivery is absolutely legal under California state law. Puffy Delivery is a recreational and medical cannabis collective; every member is able to helpfacilitate access to medicine to other qualified patients. Please note that cannabis remains acontrolled substance under federal law and possession of it is not without legal risk.
Dispensaries can be overwhelming. We offer direct online access to high quality cannabis products for convenient and discreet cannabis purchases with knowledgable staff on chat and phone support. Browse at your leisure, ask us any questions you may have, order online, and receive the package directly to your doorstep!
Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid Medical Marijuana recommendation and valid state-issued ID can join our collective! We also offer recreational sales for anyone over the age of 21 with a valid government-issued ID. Registration and verification is very easy.
Currently we only serve the state of California and Nevada, but we are working hard to expand in other legal states.
We currently offer same day delivery to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Sacramento, and San Diego as well as next day delivery to most California addresses. While we would love to guarantee next day delivery statewide, it is not always logistically possible (yet). In most locations, any order placed Monday through Friday will be delivered the next day. However, in locations considered rural it can take up to three business days.
Nope! We do not have a minimum order amount.
We offer FREE DELIVERY on orders with a subtotal of $100 or more. For orders under $100 we charge an $14 flat-rate delivery fee.
Yes, we can ship to other residences than your registered address. However, by law and under our company's terms and agreement, you MUST be present at the address you are receiving an order at.
Yes. To ensure the highest quality, Puffy Delivery only carries products that have been lab tested and meet all state packaging requirements.
No, unfortunately we can only accept one discount per order. Store credit also called Puffy Bucks is considered a discount by the online store and will not be able to be applied with an additional promotion or sale.
In Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Fernando Valley, and San Diego we do offer same-day delivery, but otherwise we cannot speed up deliveries for next day or rural customers.
We use a private, third-party delivery service to ship orders. If you are located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, or Sacramento your order will be driven to you by a Puffy employee.
Yes, we are a fully licensed cannabis collective and operate legally under California state law.
Yes. Pursuant to California state law we charge taxes on all cannabis purchases. No customer is entirely exempt from taxes.
Any individual with a valid, government-issued photo ID proving they are 21 or older may order. We cannot accept any medical patients without a California state ID and cannot accept medical cannabis cards issued in any state other than California.
We guarantee that any product you order will arrive whole and functional. If it does not we have a simple claims process to verify that the product is dysfunctional and get a replacement issued. We take very good care of our customers to make sure they get the items they pay for.